Good Quality Anime Like Evangelion Or Macross

They need to be anime accurate and not to sexed up i have kids after all id be okay with a nice quality c. Macross is good too.

Japanese Rare Cult Anime Evangelion 2 0 Tshirt Collaboration Eva X

Gundam macross and evangelion which of these 3 franchises is your favorite.

Good quality anime like evangelion or macross.
Just like the pilots of old school robot anime he likes to make up crazy attacks and scream names for them.
Macross zero was cool too.
I mean nge is a pretty recent anime series so the quality of the animation was good to begin with.

User recommendations about the anime macross f macross frontier on myanimelist the internets largest anime database.
I first watched frontier in 2011 and really enjoyed it.
I like idols in anime and i really liked the songs in frontier.

Id like a really good set of figuresone for each main character ideally.
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I mean its not like were talking 20 year old beat up macross footage here.
Both are works by hideaki anno but nge gets all the glory for being more recent which is a shame.
Answered aug 9 2012.

Primera vez que asisto a este tipo de eventos y.
Compared to prior anime works macross had a nexus of action sci fi and drama that was innovatively mixed with popular j idol.
Dont need to be a fan of mechasci fic anime to like evangelion 4 beautiful soundtracks after watching macross frontier.

Both animes are definitely are really good to check out.
Im interested in getting some of the evangelion modelkits but i cant seem to find out which ones are the best.
Report recommended by mysticstrider.

It needs a little action a little romance.
Neon genesis evangelion recommendations.
Martian sucessor nadiesco mostly a parody of mecha anime such as evangelion gundam and macross a bit old also from.

For example he has a punch he likes to call the gai super napalm.
When i watch animes they have to be good quality or i wont consider watching it.
Top 10 mecha pilots in anime.

Top wo nerae is the onee chan of nge by a good seven years.
Why are the macross anime series planes not real yet.
The storyline needs to be interesting and i dont like animes told from a guys veiwpoint.

Unlike in its manga near the end ep24 aots anime had eren act very much like shinji from eva.
Recital de anime a piano love confessions 2 apoyen a este gran pianista.
Good quality anime like evangelion or macross.

Evangelion was released in 1995 after all.
Why was macross so successful.
1230 pm may 2 2017.

Needing a peptalk and full.

The Macross Legacy Thread Incl Dyrl Zero Seven Frontier D

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The Best Mecha Anime Of All Time

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