Hunter X Hunter Killua

Since birth he trained endlessly in the art of assassination. Killua zoldyck kirua zorudikku is the third son of silva and kikyo zoldyck and the heir of the zoldyck family until he runs away from home and becomes a rookie hunter.

Anime Hunter X Hunter Siap Memasuki Tema Baru Benua Hitam Akiba

Having severely disoriented him he asks what it is that killua expects from becoming a hunter.

Hunter x hunter killua.
Unease x and x sighting.
Killua has spiky silver.
Hunter x hunter killua vs chimera ants english sub senritsu.

As killua begins to realize what palms transformation is going to do to gons psyche he realizes something like this would undoubtedly send gon over the ed.
Gon and killua decide to join kite and his team in their research mission gathering information on the chimera ants.
Killua zoldyck is the deuteragonist of hunter hunter and best friend of gon freecss.

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Killua is a member of the zoldyck family who are a family of legendary assassins.

During the hunter exam gon befriends killua zoldyck kurapika and leorio paradinight.
Killua has silver hair with pale blue eyes though they sometimes have a deeper blue.
Killua zoldyck is the alternative version of killua zoldyck heir to the zoldyck family member of the ocean family younger of navy and ariel zoldyck older brother of alluka zoldyck.

He is the best friend of gon freecss and is currently travelling with alluka zoldyck.
He eventually ran away from his family and profession out of boredom and joined the hunter exam to pass the time.
Hes an ex pro assasin from the zoldyck family who leaves his estate in order to live his life his way and takes part in the hunter exam.

Killua replies that he does not want anything from the exam but he wants to stop killing people and wants to be friends with gon whom he had met during the exam.
After successfully becoming a licensed hunter gon and killua learn about nen from wing and later train further under biscuit krueger.
Yaitu illumi zoldyck kaka dan milluki zoldyck kaka.

Pada hunter x hunter ep 25 saat killua akan pergi dari rumah ibu nya killua berbicara kepada gotoh pelayan yg pake kacamata kalau dia killua itu adalah anak laki lakiku satunya padahal kan killua punya 2 kaka laki.
Season 5 episode 2 tv 14 cc hd cc sd.

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Midnight Assassin Hunter X Hunter Killua X Reader Completed

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