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He is a disciple of ging freecss gons father. According to kite ging is a professional hunter and had saved kite from dying later becoming his mentor.

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Namun gon menghentikan kite dan bersumpah untuk meningkatkan anak tersebut.

Hunter x hunter kite.
A koala like chimera ant who used to be an assassin when he was a human then finds kite and confesses that he shot to death a red haired.
New hunter chairman election arc edit.
He left gings hunter license in the boys possession and then left the island to find ging as a final testclaiming that it is the most difficult hunt in the world.

Kite kaito was a contract hunter who was trained by ging freecssafter his death he was reborn as meruems twin sibling and a member of the chimera ant royal family.
Dalam versi 1999 dan manga kite memberitahu gon bahwa ayahnya tidak meninggal dalam kecelakaan seperti yang diceritakan oleh mito tetapi ia adalah seorang hunter profesional dan mentor kite.
Kite hunter x hunter is a character from hunter x hunter.

Near the end of the election for the 13th hunter chairman ging guesses that kite could survive and was reborn as a girl probably thanks to a special mode of the crazy slots ability called how could i die like this.
Hunter x hunter female kite return to team up with gon.
Mi nombre es kite escena a pedido de andres rivera best way to flying kites in lahore watch till end.

Are you excited for hunter x hunter chapter 361 episode 149.
Kite is the very first hunter introduced in the story.
He was originally named reina reina after colts sister but took to calling himself kite once again.

After saving gon from a foxbear on whale island kite revealed to him the truth about his father.
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