Is Bleach A Good Anime Why

Now the main reason why the bleach anime was canceled was because tite kubos manga sales were declining rapidly. Will bleach anime return and when.

Here Is Why Bleach Anime Won T Be Returning Otakukart

So why does everyone like and watch one piece people say its as good as bleach and.

Is bleach a good anime why. And really most of those points can be generalised rants towards combat oriented anime. Of the many long running jump based anime bleach is a bit peculiar. It may have also been one of the major causes of it since the series has gone on longer than many felt it should.

Ive watched like the first episode i dont even think i finished it. Bleach always leaves the fans wanting more but sometimes the fillers are a bore. I reckon it might be cool and maybe even a good idea to restart the bleach anime without all the fillers as then it could win a lot of favour back to.

Its sad to agree on so many points that ruined bleach but it had a good run. The people that dont like it probably dont like fighting animes or they just dont know what the they are talking about. The manga was losing on the charts.

So i cant really compare bleach to that. Bleach original soundtrack 2 was released on august 8 2006 and features 46 songs covering up to episode 64 of the bount arc. For example bleachs manga sales as of june 2 2016 were only 1147038.

Think about it though. Updated on april 19 2016. Is it down to nostalgia and influence or is it something completely different.

Bleach original soundtrack 3 was released on november 5 2008 and includes 54 songs from the anime. Im an anime freak have watched a good amount of them but i never bothered to watch one piece buuut it seems that everyone else has. Its the greatest anime that ive ever seen in my life.

Unanswered why is bleach considered the worst of the big three anime ie. Is the anime bleach actually any good. Does bleach deserve more respect.

Bleach is an amazing anime if you like fighting. Will bleach anime return. Im really in to my anime i like stuff like welcome to th nhk furi kuri higashi no eden paranoia agent etc.

People may think. Bleachs fall coincided with a sudden and dramatic shift in popularity away from shonen manga and anime in japan bleach was more or less a victim of that shift. Its a way different anime.

And that is why bleach anime ended at episode 366 and will they continue making it. What are your thoughts. Bleach original soundtrack 4 was the last ost and it was released on december 16 2009 and included 30 songs.

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