Is Cowboy Bebop Overrated

After finishing one of the all time classics flash and shadow sit down to discuss whether or not cowboy bebop is overrated. A video where i ask and answere the question if cowboy bebop is overrated.

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What it means and why it deserves the praise.

Is cowboy bebop overrated.
Battle of the titan.
One of the first descriptors that google predicts when you search cowboy bebop is is bad another is overrated despite the cult classic animes now near legendary status the.
I want to hear actual reasons why cowboy bebop is so good.

Cowboy bebop is an overrated boring anime.
Its the epilogue to three stories actuallyspikes jets and fayes.
I dont find cowboy bebop overrated at all it deserves all attention it gets even more.

Im honestly interested why its the greatest anime in your minds cause i found it personally to be pandering and shallow.
Cowboy bebop is not the story.
27550 otakus think that only mainstream anime can be overrated.

Maybe its because i dont have a nostalgia trip related to it since this is the first time i ever watched it and my first entry into anime was evangelion vampire hunter d and princess mononoke.
However one punch man is according to me more overrated than it.
Therefore as compared to the above mentioned animes cowboy bebop is overrated.

This video is a direct result of all the rude and insulting comments on my cowboy bebop review where some people simply.
I find cowboy bebop to be overrated but.
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I think that this question violates the community guidelines.
Cowboy bebop is overrated.
Whereas cowboy bebop failed to give details of many important incidents of the anime eg.

Rather it is the epilogue to a story that we never get to see.
Unlike cowboy bebop the plot and dialogue of haruhi are intellectual without seeming pretentious.
The controversial list of overrated anime spoilers are written in black text highlight to read.

The only thing i found having redeeming qualities to it was the animation.
Chat or rant adult content spam insulting other membersshow more.
And koizumi are each unique and useful.

Art and animation are top notch.
And to everyones surprise theres actually disagreement at cafe.
I watched cb in 2009 watched some episodes in 1999 i loved every episode sure not all the episodes were equally enjoyable but it was a great watch.

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