Is Death Note A Good Anime

The death note anime was one of the series to win best tv anime at the 2007 tokyo international anime fair. 10 anime like death note.

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But this time there is one reason for it.

Is death note a good anime.
Death note rewrite 2.
Its sophisticated and intelligent it has a good plot and well.
Death note was a major hit when it was released back in 2006 and quickly became known for being an intelligent yet accessible thriller that would be mentioned anytime anime was brought up.

Death note is quit good.
Death note episode 37.
In fact there are lots of good reasons but they can be summed up in one thing.

I rejected everything this anime was.
Death note episode 36.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions and light yagami is a perfect example of this.

I know lot of people that take it as their number one anime but i myself think i watched better than that.
Here you go baccano.
There is one thing that will turn me off personally from almost any anime and that is robots.

What i found to be admirable about the plot was lights character.
10 anime like death note updated on august 11 2018.
Death note episode 28.

I knkw its not even close to death note but i think it is the one to watch after death note.
Death note is the story of a person who looked at the world saw its many flaws and decided to fix them using this convenient thing that he found the actual death note.
Code geass i did say that death note was the best psychological but i didnt say it was the best anime.

This anime is amazing.
According to me death note is an anime that the crowd would have diverse opinion about as it follows a very unconventional theme characters even the plot movement.
It has some comedy in it but it is pretty serious for the most part and there is mystery as well there are only 13 episodes.

The anime was commended with tom s.
Is an awesome action anime.
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Death note episode 32.
Somehow i found code geass to remind me of it but code geass is just so much better xd.
Pepirium of ign saying that death note s heavy serialized nature is what makes the show so engaging and discussion worthy.

Death note episode 29.
Im really surprised to see how people here dint vote for akame ga kill to watch next it is a really good anime and i binge watched it during my exams also.

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