Was Light Yagami A Good Character Overall

After deducing the iqs of the other characters light is most likely between 140 and 150. Overall ill kick myself for up rating him but i give 610 if only because i thought he.

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In 2014 he was placed seventh on igns list of greatest anime characters of all time with the cite stating that light yagami was the force that drove death note and made it a phenomenon.

Was light yagami a good character overall.
Light was also listed 18th in igns 2009 best anime character of all time list with writer chris mackenzie praising how light is mesmerizing.
There isnt one right way to condemn or defend light yagami as a character.
Visions of a god.

He is in fact the main character and the series does a good job of portraying him in a way that gets the audience invested.
He is a good character becausse he suits perfectly the world in which he evolves.
Like ryuk he is bored with the shinigami realm and convinces ryuk to tell him the story of light yagami and the death note.

He lost his good side and drove himself to the brink on insanity.
So lets say you dont think light is a good guy by the end of the.
The main character of death note light yagami is a textbook villain not an anti hero.

Thats how i see light.
I give light a 710.
Inspired by the tale he heads off for the human world in search of a similar cure for his own boredom.

Light yagami was a good character until the 2nd episode yeah i know that means that he was a good character only in the 1st episode the reason why i said this is because in.
He stopped caring about anyone but himself to succed in bis goals.
2 with 1966 favorites.

Hes an overall interesting character.
Why do light yagamis eyes keep changing colours.
Light yagami the protagonist of death note is one of the most intelligent students in japan arguably the best.

Light yagami death note mal character information page.
So without further adieu lets talk about this months and 2018s final character of the month light yagami from death note.
Was light yagami a good character overall.

Reason why i found light not a good character.
Is light the bad guy.
Furthermore light was very popular among peers and adored by his family members.

Was light yagami a good character overall.
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Selfchangemyview submitted 4 years ago by shutterstutter after i viewed the final episode of the death note anime on hulu i was surprised by many of the comments that i read below the video.

Light is characterized as hardworking talented and a natural genius.
Light yagami mal favorite character.
Highly perceptive and good with problem solving light was a skilled planner and good at mapping out scenarios.

What is light yagamis iq.
Ten years of death note.
This shinigami was featured in the directors cut ova death note re light.

Im only going to cover the main characters which light was related to.
A d b y z o h o.

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