What Are Some Good Long Anime

This is a list of anime television series by episode count for series with a minimum of 100 episodes. These are the best long running anime series based from shonen manga.

What Are Some Good Romance And Action Type Anime Like Darling In The

Fairy tail is a 175 actionfantasy series that packs one hell of a powerful punch.

What are some good long anime.
I will watch any epic and good long anime but i would like a shounen recommendation.
What are some good anime that are at least over 25 episodes.
Has some of the best fight choreography youre bound to come across.

I wanted a well thought out plot.
Some other long shounens you can check out which are pretty good.
The kind of anime im into is i like fighting a strong good storyline dont mind romance as long as its not based around romance.

Top 30 anime series of all time.
Good long running anime.
A d b y z o h o.

Very good action very endearing characters.
This long form shounen anime has pleased fans for years.
Best long shounen anime.

But sure as long as an anime has a lot of colorful flashes 30 episode long battles simple jokes and fillings you can consider them masterpieces v.
Plus it has a slew of insanely cool female characters.
You dont even know how sad.

I recommend only watching cases and episodes that are not anime only though fairy tail long.
Note that anime franchises with multiple television series eg.
Here is the anime i likestill watching one piece i love it fullmetal alchemist awesome naruto naruto shippuden classic series hated fillers and hated it.

Hunter x hunter 2011.
Can you guys tell me about some good short anime series with 12 40 episodes.
Can have some very fanservicey moments as a heads up.

Updated on july 29 2017.
With a plethora of fun characters and epic duels featuring all sorts of magic fairy tail is a great series if you are looking for some good popcorn material.
One piece 1999 2.

I would like it to be like hitman reborn please.
Crunchyroll is a good.
What are some anime like inuyasha long series not those with 12 to 24 episodes.

Highly recommended anime series of all time.
Detective conan super long.
So a anime which has fightingit can be some crazy mystical magic stuff good story and a wee bit of romance.

Good animes tend to do that.
Been watching this since i was a kid so i may be biased about this.
Pretty cure will not be listed on this page.

Also some underrated animes but still good and light hearted animes like brynhilder in the darkness 123animethings.
Is so fucking simple that you wouldnt be able to comprehend and call the whole meaning of the series.
What are some good 12 episode anime series to watch.

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